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About Us

Hi, I’m Robert, your grower.  The following thoughts are about the Goldhill Gardens crew and our cultivation philosophy..

We’re a small, community oriented, family operation. 


We’re soil/organic or we try to be. We know that you care about what goes into your body, and we care too.  We care about what goes into your body as much as we care about what goes into ours.

I ( and so many of my friends) grew up smoking dirt weed, leaves, not  trim.  In fact, The first time I/ we ever smoked a bud, it was just called “Sensimilla.”  The street name of a product adopted directly from its genetic description, but we didn’t know that. We thought Sensimilla was some exotic place. You see, back then, We didn’t have strains, we had locations: Alcaplalco Gold, Matanuska Thunder F*ck, Moroccan Hash, Thai Stick, Oklahoma Ditch Weed.  

Yes!  OKlahoma Ditch Weed! People were growing pot even in some of the most pot hostile places in America. ... and the Ditch was the only safe place they could grow it.

Back then, there was really only one frame of reference and two types of weed, good sh*t/bad sh*t.  Very Dichotomous.

Today, we are entering a era where we are developing a greater understanding of cannabis complexity.  In fact, We are developing new strains that enhance genetic properties to stimulate the diverse families of THC and CBDs.  We have choices, we have options and we hope to share those options with you.

We’ve developed three product lines: Bud, PipeWeed and Cooking Weed.   Our bud is a premium flower/nugget, our pipe weed is mix of “trifrosted” trim and popcorn and our cooking weed is frosty trim.  It is written as a percentage, on the label so you can develop a sense of intensity.  The batch number on the pipe weed label corresponds to the label on the sister bud in the store.

My personal favorite is pipe weed. Why? Because Pipe Weed is a smooth smoke.  It must be smooth so you can enjoy all night: easy on your throat; and as pleasant in your mouth as it is to the rest of your body, mind and soul.

Normally, it’s less intense than bud, so you can keep the pipe going all night without getting baked.  Share the bag with friends and puff your favorite pipe. (It’s very social, whether your "deep in it" with a friend, stranger, or yourself.  :-)


We only grow a few strains and we put our hearts and soul into each plant.  Not every plant is grown for the highest THC content possible.  That would be like a distiller creating only pure grain alcohol, when there are so many other types of beverages available.

We hope to help end the Wild West Days of Weed. ... the days when all alcohol was whisky , and taste didn’t matter, effect didn’t matter of whisky and all weed was judged the percent of THC

We’ve come along way.

“Know your grower”

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